Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The slow boil.

You know - Mr S. reads a bunch of scifi. Always has.

Me on the other hand - I don't feel the need. I see the future almost everyday. We live in one of the richest environments for innovation in the world. I see things all the time I never would have thought possible 10 years ago. Amazing stuff.

Lately, (and I'm not going to sugar coat it) there has been some things that are happening that are giving me this feeling in the pit of my stomach. A feeling that makes me hope I'm just being hyper. After all. I'm a solid moderate. Some would say naively a perma bull. I'm not prone to paranoid thinking. I think hard work and innovation can get us out of anything. But lately, I'm starting to feel this troublesome undercurrent. A feeling that we might be closer to a tipping point than I ever imagined. On a normal day I can ignore most of the nut bags.

But, I have to wonder if the anarchists are trying to seize on something more. Waiting for the tipping point. After all they have been blending for years. The international answer people at every protest. Then today I run across this.

There is even a website. A concerted effort to form a run on the banks. On a normal day I'd think "oh those wacky Ron Paulers". But, now I'm not so sure. Mr S. always tells me in the scifi novels that the tipping point is usually something very simple. And - the world collides into chaos.

That won't happen. Right?


  1. Scary. It would be so easy. I think it would be just the tipping point. But I don't think it would work like they expect it to. Of course with anarchy I guess as long as chaos ensues it's the reaction they wanted?

  2. That is what I normally would think too. A few months ago I told Mr S. - panic can't be sustained forever. Yet, when you think things are smoothing - out we get another jolt. Or someone else who's ripping people off to the tune of billions. So, the fear has gone on much longer than I would have ever predicted.

    That is what worries me about the attempt. Half my brain says "there isn't enough of them to make a difference". The other side says "maybe it doesn't take that many of them".