Thursday, November 29, 2018

I think Magic Leap got tired of getting punched in the nuts. All of a sudden they are like - come see our stuff.


  1. *cough* SecondLife for the late 2010s *cough* ...

    BTW, how does a startup get enough cash to bankroll a medium-sized mining company for a decade or so?

  2. Hey! One of my user names is leaperman.
    You pickin' on me?


  3. I thought it was 42

  4. LOL. I don't think I've actually seen that all the way through. Maybe I will watch it over Christmas with a side of Brazil. I do still like ol' timey sci-fi. It's the new stuff that I kinda don't like. It's not imaginative at all.

  5. most of the new stuff has went full on liberal.
    Dinosaur erotica, asian/black/indian gerndbent women saving the world from those evil bad libertarians and conservatives.
    How dare the hero not be some confused vegan social justice warrior ranting about all the patriarchy, etc.

    Give me stuff like Heinlein, Asimoz, Zelazney, etc, etc.

  6. Yeah. It's super annoying. If I wanted to be guilted all the time I'd just believe in God.

    We also went through a period where real life was more sci-fi than sci-fi. I think it's why Bladerunner 2 was a flop. They catered to the fans and the story, rather than the futuristic atmosphere. I think that's why it took Bladerunner 1 a while to get popular, but all that amazing imagery helped. Bladerunner 2 had none of that.