Tuesday, November 13, 2018

This is why white wasn't my first choice.

When you can see the mountain range, these tiles are suppose to blend in and soften sharp lines against the rolling skyline. What I didn't take into account was the absence of skyline. The first time the sky was completely overcast I was like - whoa these tiles really stand out. The image looks really over exposed - but this is our life now. I'm 200 miles from any fire, but that's not what the sky says.

This deck kinda kicked my ass. It's not the painting that's a huge deal, it's the managing all the tarps and taping everything off so you don't screw up the deck. Wind was not my friend. It just makes everything 100 percent harder. Painters plastic has a two day shelf life in the wind apparently. After that the wind just pokes it's own holes.

I still have to finish the street side. So posts this weekend might be slim. I don't know. I think and hope this is my last weekend without rain. The dryness has really been screwing up my winter of naps theme. In California you can't take naps until it starts raining. You just feel guilty. And also, I'd just like ym eyes to stop burning.


  1. It doesn't look 'bad' from where I'm sitting but I am looking forward to a photo when things are more normal.

  2. Yeah. It would be nice just to have clouds again. If I loved the white sky I'd just move to some flyover state where it's this color all the time.

  3. I like it though, even if its not quite like you wanted. (I know, I don't live there, you do, but still, I like it lol)

  4. Thanks. I think I'm just feeling a bit of sky claustrophobia.