Saturday, November 17, 2018

For every list of projects you have, there exists a secret list. The things that never really make it on the list, but circumstance can put them not only on the list, but right at the top. This weekends secret list item was gutters.

So, I had to get to that before I could get back to painting the street side of my deck cap. And retarping the deck takes half a day. So that's all I got. And I don't know - you might not get anything tomorrow.

Projects give yo no thoughts and no fucks.


  1. I use lists, I need lists or I'll get distracted.

    If it was my list, "1. The deck" would be on it & it wouldn't be crossed off until it was done. I try & keep my big lists on the short side...cause they are big...

    The "gutters" and "paint the street side" would be an each thing I'd put on the weekend list.

    I can totally blow off a list if something good comes up like go to the beach...

  2. yea. fun is always at the top of the list, which is why I'm trying to wrap this project up right before the rain and I was highly tempted to get one last beach day in.

    But the wood is completely dry right now. If I wait it will uptake moisture.

    Mr S. is totally into lists. I am the secret list. But I think sublists are cheating. But I know it makes people who like lists happy to have sublists.