Thursday, November 08, 2018

Yesterday I realized I needed to put my eyeroll on a leash. It sorta has a mind of it's own and reacts before I  can gain control. Twice this week I got caught eye rolling inappropriately.

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  1. “I see. The number of internal disciplinary charges you have laid against your men,” and here the Patrician picked up a much thicker document, “seems somewhat excessive. I see no fewer than one hundred and seventy three offenses of eyeballing, earlobing and nostrilling, for example.”
    “Nostrilling, Acting Captain?”
    “Oh. And I see, ah yes, one charge of ‘making his arm fall off in an insubordinate way’ laid against Constable Shoe. Commander Vimes has always given me glowing reports about this officer.”
    “’E’s a nasty piece of work, sah! You can’t trust the dead ones!”

    Terry Pratchett "The Fifth Elephant"