Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I don't talk about Nvidia that much because I used to have a conflict of interest. I don't have that now, but I'm still a huge fangirl. Jensun is actually a pretty brilliant underrated CEO. But everyone in Silicon Valley eventually stumbles.

But just this year they accelerated their bring up cycles. So... I would not be surprised at all to see hiring freezes there or layoffs. And it really makes me sad to say.

I only bring it up because a lot of people seem to think their inventory problem will be sucked up easily. And that could be true.... but they were ramping up cycles just as demand was slowing. Just sayin'.

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  1. Intel is walking dead. They'd have to create whole new architecture, and there are already people in that space. And if you don't like people buying companies to survive - you shouldn't like Intel either. That is the only way they are surviving right now. They had a whole capitol division just to acquire companies.

    This is the hardest sector in all of Silicon Valley. It's just so complex.