Sunday, November 25, 2018

Frys Electronics circling the drain. Again.

Fry's has sort of had a weird history. When things get sketch they abandon their roots (electronics) and sell whatever they can to stay alive. Even so, this is one of their better identity crises.

First aisle when you walk in the store, is Perfume. Because you need to smell good when you are hooking up your electronics.

Here we get into a weird outdoor area. I think you are sorta effed if you are selling contractor boxes of trash bags. But maybe they need them to cart out shedded paper. Or you could choose the bbq route and just burn the evidence right there.

They are selling more office supplies than an office supply store. Which is confusing because office supply stores can't even stay in business.

Now we get into the "as seen on TV" isle. A sure way to win customers is to stock your store with stuff you can literally get anywhere else on earth. Including infomercials.

Aw.... nappy time.

They said - we should also sell barcaloungers because all of those appliances just weren't selling.

Oooops. Wait. We are an outdoor store. Tiki torches and all!

No, no, no. We are a kitchen appliance store. Get with it man!

Nope. Wrong again. We are a beauty supply store. These bro beards aren't going to trim themselves. Maybe these shavers have wifi.

Ironically - if they sold more of these, maybe they would make money.

OMG! An actual new thing! This right here tells me the economy is not at hot as people think it is. I think we all got used to it sucking so much that anything feels better.

They starting floating these last year at CES. And in a healthy economy, this would have been on the shelves last spring. The idea they are just coming out now tells me things are still not healthy.

Anyway. They are TV's meant to look like picture frames because chicks still have a problem with the way TV's look apparently.


  1. Hahahahahaha! Yeah, I was wondering about that when I stopped by a Fry's in the Houston area just to burn off some dinner calories. WTF? Mattresses and outdoor grills? It's good they have an extensive gaming and electronics section, but some of it made no sense.

  2. I thought the electronic section was weak too. Everyone is on laptops these days, so they aren't using many monitors and tower boxes. But hey - they are selling security cams like gangbusters.

    I would say in general, Fry's does not make you feel hopeful about the economy.

  3. Hm, no Frys here, so I can't compare. I will say, my work can't keep zero turn mowers in stock (because customers buy them as soon as we do) for the last two summers, which is generally a good sign. And I'm currently selling snow blowers like you'd not believe. But I am on the opposite side (corner?!) of the country from you, and mowers maybe aren't indicative of electronics sales either.