Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I'm just really sick of this conversation.

Interior Secretary Zinke Blames California Wildfires On "Radical Environmental Groups".

It's not just environmental groups. People in California are mentally ill about trees. Take for example this hysteria about chopping down one dead tree in Berkeley.

Photos: 125-year-old stone pine tree chopped down in Berkeley.

"Berkeleyside covered the Nov. 1 memorial hosted by the tree’s owners, Adam Gutride and Delilah Raybee, on Russell and Cherry streets. On Monday, photographer Richard Nagler spent an entire day watching the pine, thought to be 125-years-old by local historians, come down.

“I was gripped (obsessed) by a certain madness yesterday and spent about eight hours documenting the removal of the majestic stone pine,” Nagler said. “One extraordinary man went up into the tree at about 8 a.m. and made the last cuts on the ground at around 4 p.m. He was assisted by a small army of helpers and equipment on the ground.

Much of the tree was turned into wood chips, which neighbors were able to come pick up along with bits of the bark or limbs for souvenirs." Emphasis mine.

It's sad to see an old tree die. but trees die. You should cut them down as fast as possible and move on. Not have a weeks long funeral procession. It's insanity. In any other part of the country this would be ridiculous.

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  1. Speaking of mentally ill people who act like children ...

    The member of the Haus of Repruhzentin' for your district thought it would be a grand idea to exhibit the "mine's bigger" tendencies of a six year old child in a debate.

    "Swalwell suggests nuking America if gun rights supporters were to resist gun control measures"

    "Major media ignore Dem Rep’s nuke comments"

    My thoughts: stop talking out of your fantasy arse-nal, Swallow Well. :-)

    So now there are various fruits and nuts across the Internet who are suggesting a "you first" strategy "sarcastically" for the district you live in, which is an outcome that was more or less expected.

    You thought I was kidding about moving?


    As for what I could do personally to piss more gasoline on this particular fire, I thought about buying several crates of .50 BMG ammo and a half dozen very basic rifles in .50 BMG, but at a drive-out cost of around thirty grand with all of the accessories, it's an investment I'd rather not make right now, even though I might be able to flip these later at a considerable profit.

    Besides, if the Helter Skelter Government thing becomes real, I can probably get some heavily discounted Dragunovs and ammo from a friendly Russian arms exporter, so I'm not worried about what this will do to the actual gun supply at all.

    Hell, it'll make the gun bazaar on Chicken Street in Kabul seem like a museum.

    So when it comes to mentally ill people, you're obviously being governed by them ...