Saturday, November 03, 2018

In Flat.

Halloween really cut into my project time, so I'm giving you a photo of the solstice being painted. When the bumper got dented last time we'd discussed having the whole car painted because we didn't think they could blend the old paint with the new that well.  The car is more than 10 years old. I'm sure they would do a fair job. But we decided that it cost too much for the car to be worth it.

When the repair shop sent this photo of the car before the gloss coat I seriously considered telling them to stop.

If that would have matched the inside - I would have left it flat like this. Also, I thought some of those really low profile camera mirrors that concepts have, would look neat on this car. In this shot the mirrors are off, and it wasn't until I saw it this way that I realized the mirrors interrupted the lines. I almost wish it didn't need mirrors. The solstice doesn't have any tech at all, so you couldn't really use camera mirrors.  But I like it so much without them.

I think that would be a cool new car trend. Retrofitting those super thin hyper car type mirrors on regular cars.

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