Saturday, November 03, 2018

Keeping it 100.

This morning there was a huge crash on 880 in Oakland that closed the freeway. The girl crashed into an under construction overpass while DUI doing 100 MPH.

Me - That's so crazy to be doing 100 through Oakland.

Him - I know, and that's not even in the middle of nowhere. And this is coming from the queen of 100. The girl who thinks "keeping it 100" means something different than what everybody else does.

Now he wants to get me a t-shirt that says that. But it's not going to mean the thing everyone thinks.

In January I will be 2/3'ds of the way through my ticket restriction.


  1. Ticket restriction? That was before I got here....

  2. Oh yeah. I definitely don't recommend it. It's almost like having a DUI on your record. It says I'm a convict right on my insurance bill. When I first saw it I was like - Convicted of what? Oh.... right.

    It's so close that I asked Mr S. if you could get a double DUI. She was doing 100 and a DUI. I mean, I know she's going to jail, but after she gets out she is going to have to get special insurance and the whole bit.