Saturday, December 01, 2018

San Jose Walker Stalker. Pt 1.

I have to give them points. They were doing a real blood drive.

Extra points if you guess this one.


leaperman said...

That's some freaky deekies right there. I like most of them except for the blood and dismemberment ones. I'm not one to celebrate death and worship it unlike some nut jobs.
I do like going to LibertyCon though, and there is a lot of Cosplay there...
nom nom nom.

she said: said...

They aren't really celebrating death. It's just fun. Settle down.

What kind of cosplay do they have at libertycon? Freeing of the North Koreans? Seems a little like watching paint dry. But I admit - I'd show up once to see Rupert from Survivor.

leaperman said...

I go to the liberty con to see my favorite authors from Baen and to chew the fat with Toni Weisskopf, the owner and editor of Baen.
Really nice people.

she said: said...

Oh huh. Cool.