Monday, December 24, 2018

Everyone's car sugar was low.

We went to the Santana Row car show yesterday because we all had car-a-betes. Santana Row has been sucking pretty hard since at least summer. I've heard a lot of rumors about some of the shows shutting down because the police were tired of policing them. I don't know if it's true. But everyone came out en-mass yesterday. The parking garage was filled with everything from pocket rockets to R8's.

I guess I'm not completely over McLaren's. I think this is one of the uglier designs. but I do love the peekaboo door.

Often Mr S. and I get separated at these shows. If I see something - I am just off and vanished. We've made rules now so this doesn't turn into a friction in our relationship. But I was off getting this car, and when Mr S. found me he said - as soon as I saw that car - this is where I knew you would be. Which made me laugh. It's like the snarkolepsy bat signal.

This is too dark but it helps let me pretend the people weren't 't there. They were savage yesterday. I barely got out of there non cranky.

Lizard Porsche wrap was kinda funny.

They had two Pagani's, but it was worthless trying to get a clean shot.

Everyone wants to get a selfie with these cars, and the dudes... Oh the dudes.... they can be ridiculous.  They seriously love to rub their nuts on everything. When car season starts again - there is going to be a whole post about this.

I have a new car douche type to despise. The guy with a cell phone who thinks he can get macro shots. He doesn't have any kind of zoom so he basically has to lay on the car to get shots,  pissing everyone off around him. Because these guys aren't quick.

I was waiting for this guy to be done, and a guy next to me was observing my irritation. He's like - I know right? And we had a whole bonding session over it. But at least it wasn't an iPad. Thankfully that douchebaggery is almost gone.

Oh - also the people who aren't really there for the car shows kinda piss me off.

Santana Row is THE dog mall and I love that. But get out of the effing way so other people can take clean shots. These people were so oblivious and they would stand right in from of the cars with their gaggle of dogs. And everyone knows how much I love dogs! So for me to bitch about them, you have to be super irritating.

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