Monday, December 31, 2018

Conversations with Mr S.

I was making small talk with a girl about her eyebrows which were mathematically perfect. You could tell she spent a lot of time on them.

She says - My mom hates them. And she doesn't have any problem telling me so.

Me - Well, I guess that is what moms are for, to keep you grounded in this world and make you tough.

We get back to the car and Mr S says - what a load of crap!

I look at him and smile - What?

Him - THAT's what you think of moms now?

I bust up laughing.

Him - That was a huge load of crap.

Me - You think that was a huge heap of revisionist history?

Him - Yes I do.

Me - Well.... I think in that moment I believed it. But you are right. That was a huge load of crap. I didn't even realize I was doing it.

But I do thin it's funny when my husband calls me out on my shit.

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