Monday, December 31, 2018

Next week CES.

Every year I devise all these plans to get stuff up on the blog or my twitter feed. And every year something foils me. I don't have a team of people to filter out and get content with wifi boosters. You can't believe how much people eat wifi. And devices always decide to be temperamental.

CES is a little like running a marathon through at least 10 IKEA's while playing luggage frogger. Well the luggage isn't so bad the past few years since there were a few terrorists threats. But I have seriously logged 10 miles in one day.

By the time you get back to the hotel you just want grub and a shower. But I'm going to try harder to at least get something up each day. Posts could be very late though. I will not be on my normal posting schedule for all of next week.

This week I don't know what you get because the only thing us techies can think about right now is CES. It's just a lot. And everyone gets sick when they get home. Everyone. It's in the CES handbook.


  1. Capital du Texas Gilet Jaune DémonstrateurMonday, December 31, 2018 10:00:00 PM




  2. Indian medical student kicked out of college by racist white professors for questioning their SJW beliefs

    Kieran Ravi Bhattacharya was a medical student at the University of Virginia and he has been kicked out after having questioned his white college professor's SJW beliefs.

    Here is the audio of the lecture where he questioned his professor's SJW beliefs:

    He speaks from 28:45 to 34:00

    Here is the audio of the suspension hearing:

    Here is a picture of the people who were at the suspension hearing:

    Notice how 14 out of the 16 people at that suspension hearing are white people. If this is not an act of racism against a sincere indian medical student, then I don't know what is. Look at their smug arrogant faces as they kick him out for DARING to question their SJW beliefs.

    His twitter is if you want to ask him questions or set up an interview with him

    Already the media is beginning to cover it:

    It has been discussed endlessly on Reddit, 4chan, and various message boards. This is THE next big story. So if you run this story on your blog, it will serve to draw a lot of traffic to your blog as well. The story will expose the truth about how our univerisites are SJW and communist indoctrination centers.

  3. If it has been "discussed endlessly" over there - why didn't THEY make it the next big story?

    I am probably going to give an unpopular answer. I don't really get bent out of shape about SJW universities or communal living because I think eventually people rebel against those ideas. And the only way to get people to rebel is to let them live in that for a little while. It is a form of learning. You can't teach about repression of speech. The only way you learn is to live it. University life is but a speck in your life experience. Everyone pretty much comes out completely opposite. And for good reason.

    Additionally - Indian students enjoy the most privileged access to everything America has to offer. They have skills. It doesn't escape me that he went to the whitest State in America to go to school. It's like if I went to Mexico and said what is up with all these Mexicans! And why do they have power over me?

    So again - I think this is nothing more than race baiting.

  4. I'm sad.....
    I clicked your twitter link to see if you were as interesting there as here only to find out that I was blocked! What did I do? What did i say? In case you want to unblock me since you did it by mistake (well, I hope you did), I'm @GusRoberts_ over there. Thanks.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, January 01, 2019 8:09:00 PM

    And that "Indian medical student" thing is now spammy crap, and so I can't actually give a shit about this person anymore ...

    The student's trying to get away with race baiting? The professor has a corn cob up his ass? Both parties might actually be shitty people? The admin couldn't give a flying toss because they know the real score and know nobody has any actual legal standing worth defending?


    We've been replying to this ... thing ... as if it's a person, not a robo-spambot.


    BTW, did you notice how my earlier protest came exactly at the start of the new year?

    At least here in the Central Standard Time Zone anyway ... :-)

    But could you please send future versions of that spammy crap to the flush file? It's not getting through to this "person" that doing this is not cool.

  6. I was going to give him once more chance before moderating him. Which I am pretty loath to do. I will remove spam though.

    I just think if that guy has a problem with SJW's, perhaps the medical field is not the best choice. They are the SJW train.I live in a cluster of retired nurses. One has a pussy hat. I'm just having a hard time feeling like he's being discriminated against when the medical field here is almost entirely dominated by Asians and Indian's. It's pretty uncommon to see white people going into that field anymore. We not so good at Math. He could literally go anywhere and get a job before a white person. So I'm guessing they are both dicks.

    And yes - I am curious why you are protesting 2019.

    John, or Gus (which is it?) I unblocked you. I'm not sure how you got blocked as I doubt your tittes are constantly out. Normally I only block for spam or if you are flooding my timeline. And sorry to say. I'm not interesting over there. Or here for that matter. I don't even know why you guys stick around. But you all have become fun.

  7. It's a French tradition to protest the coming of the New Year as a joke ...

    Or at least it used to be before these other protests.

    Of course, the idea was that everyone would get seriously blotto while protesting the coming of the New Year, and so everyone would go home with a Protest Hangover. :-)

  8. She asked: "John, or Gus (which is it?) "

    It's John. Several years ago I was active in posting and commenting on a blog that was covering the antics of someone who was, shall we say, seriously shifty. At the time, I was using the same "screen name" or close variations almost everywhere online.

    One afternoon, a woman came into my business and asked if I was [my usual screen name]. I had never seen or met her before. She reminded me if she could connect up my real name, city, job, and job description strictly by searching the Internet, so could Seriously Shifty. And Seriously Shifty had a habit of suing blog commenters in groups of 10 or 15 in suits that were invariably thrown out but required the defendants to spend money fighting.

    That was the point at which I began changing logins or deleting old accts and creating new ones where I had to. It appears that Blogspot is one place where have some old information. This is the long reason why I'm John here and Gus on twitter.

    It's all tl;dr;

  9. That is pretty intense. It never ceases to amaze me what assholes people are. It is pretty crazy how easily information about everyone is accessed though.

    Let me know if for some reason you still can not access my twitter feed.