Thursday, December 20, 2018

A ray of sunlight for privacy.

Mr S. gets home tonight and asks me if I been paying attention to the GPRD rules in Europe.

Me - Sorta. Then I tilt my head like a dog. Because clearly has has something extra to say.

Him - I had to go for some training for this.

Me - Oh. That is interesting.

Him - So, you know they have to get your permission to send you email and stuff right.

Me - Yeah. I'm not sure what America is doing about it, but I noticed that a lot of companies have already adopted the new rules. When I go to a trade show, if there is a product I'm interested in tracking - I hand them my badge to scan and I am forever put on their spam list.

It was sort of a blessing and a curse when it came through because there were a lot of people you were glad got ditched, but I must have gotten hundreds of emails.  I probably only responded to at best half of them. I was just flooded with emails asking me permission to keep sending me correspondence. I couldn't respond to them all.

Him - So you know this also comes with the right to be forgotten?

Me - Oooooooh. No. I didn't know that.

Him - Yeah. So now you can't store any personal information. You have to give people a unique user ID.

Me - Oh. That is super interesting. Then he adds. So - basically everything Google does is illegal over there.

I had to post it here because I don't think most Americans know this.  I hadn't been paying super close attention to what happens here because what difference does it make? They are going to do whatever the eff they want anyway.

Me - I believe 100 percent in the right to be forgotten, but I hope that people don't go too far with it. People go through some pretty emotional things in life they don't want on the news.

Then later on as time passes it doesn't seem real anymore. Sometimes that article in the newspaper is the only thing you have that it really existed. It's your history, and reality is still reality. But people have the right to choose.

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