Monday, December 17, 2018

Sensor spotting.

This rig caught my eye. I am not sure what the boxes are. There are new lidar systems that are shaped like that,  But I am only speculating.

The company seems to test the surface quality of roads. So maybe the boxes are ground penetrating radar? It was clear I was already stalking him, so didn't follow.

I don't normally obstruct faces. But it's probably not fair that I zoomed in and put him on the internet.


  1. I am probably not doing that. He wasn't doing anything wrong. I was just super curious about his rig and sensors. It's just interesting that all of this stuff started with autonomous, and who knows what they will be used for. Seems like making things true level is a feature.

  2. The comments are interesting, but what's to say about it? Google chose profit over freedom.

  3. Oregon plate. Company logo looks like SSI.

    I worked for a place in Wilsonville Oregon called SSI for a little while. But I doubt they have any interest in road surface quality - they make really big shredders.