Wednesday, December 26, 2018

This will be one of Trumps greatest accomplishments.

Hospital prices are about to go public.

Medicine is the only service in which people do not know the price of something until after the service is rendered. And it's ridiculous. You don't even have a ballpark! There is no concept of price shopping at all. And Obamacare basically tried to intrench that in the very deepest way. A price is no option model. It's like you just brought your car in for a tuneup and said - just go wild.

It also switches the dynamic from - that sucks for you (once a bill has arrived) to - are you effing kidding me?


  1. Is the medical industry great or what? They don't even have to post their prices!!

  2. I think they should pay me for all the time I spend in the waiting room. My doc does at least a solid 30 minutes of waiting. I have never been there once where I didn't escape at least 30 mins. And he is a great guy. It's just super annoying. But we put up with it because we don't see the cost.