Wednesday, January 02, 2019



  1. The mainstream media is finally starting to run the article about the Trump supporter college student who got kicked out of medical school at the University of Virginia to publicly debating with a far-left SJW communist professor. Here are two new ones:

    Someone also took the time to type up a transcript of the events which happened:

    Reddit is freaking out about the story too, of course. 1000s of comments on these threads:

    This story, known as MedGate, has the potential to create a mass public outcry against our far left college system, and thus cause real damage to the student debt loan bubble.

  2. Anonymous - you do realize your links do not support your case. Right? I clicked on exactly one - and it's pretty much a landslide against you. I just don't know how many ways people can tell you to absorb the important stuff, roll your eyes at the rest - and move on with your life. We all put up with annoying shit. If you can't do that, medicine is not the right fit for you.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, January 06, 2019 6:31:00 AM

    Snarkie, that's exactly it in a nutshell, and here's the even funnier part ...

    If this KRB character had any sense at all, he wouldn't have attempted what have been so far highly unsuccessful attempts at Entitlement Profiteering and Rage Profiteering.

    Because now he has a much bigger problem: his open failures are all over blogs like this one, across the Internet, on public display for any people who might hire him in the future.

    This includes not only prospectives in his (now presumably former) medical career but also prospectives in any other career.

    Instead of apologizing and behaving contritely toward people he's annoyed, promising never to do it again and fucking off as rapidly as possible, he's back for more of this absolute turd fest none of us care about.

    And yet ... I'm beginning to care, because I see another outcome that I really, really like, not because I'm necessarily a very good person and that I have this person's "best interests" at heart.

    Oh no ... it's nothing like that.

    This person's been creating a virtual motherlode of dossier material on himself that provides abundant proof as to why no sensible hiring manager should ever hire this person.

    Dear hiring manager: do you like drama without results or do you like results without drama?

    Yeah, thought so.

    And that's reason enough for me to take back what I said earlier.

    Let this Gamma Male Loser continue to put comments here, just as long as they're sufficiently self-damning in terms of future employment prospects.

    If he had any sense, he'd leave and never come back ...

    But we know that's not how Gamma Male Losers roll, don't we?


  4. I think he just hasn't learned that life is not fair yet. Let's say he was 100% right. I just think he's fighting a losing battle. He's swimming upstream. And as you say - has created a lot more trouble for himself in the long run. The world is typically made up of smaller worlds which you can really destroy your future prospects. But that guy said - hold my beer. I will just give my bidness to the ~whole~ world.

    In life you have to pick your battles wisely. And honestly - I don't give a crap about much when it comes to the University system. Unless it's worse than Berkeley, no fucks given honestly.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, January 06, 2019 6:46:00 PM

    I promise that if he shows up another time, I will reveal his True Texan Name ...

    You know, like how George W. Bush called Karl Rove "Stinker" or "Shithead" or something?

    THAT. :-)

    Remember, I called that Q-Anon "Q-ball" and I was actually somewhat predisposed to like him, so you know what's coming. :-)