Sunday, January 13, 2019

I have to give credit to Red Hydrogen.

I am still unpacking my brain from CES. That whole thing is just a LOT. But before I get to that, I wanted to talk about the Red Hydrogen phone Mr S. got over the holidays. It's the phone that gives you 3D images that pop out of your phone.

I pleaded with Mr S. not to buy one of these. Perhaps "pleaded" was a lille strong. I basically told him that I see a few devices a year that offer a "3D" experience, and it might not be as far along as he thinks it is. I also told him I thought it was going to be an orphan phone. Meaning no updates and tech help when things go wrong. But Mr S. has a bit of a kink for orphan phones. So I rolled my eyes and let him carry on with buying one.

He took it to CES, and I have to say it sort of changed my mind about the phone.  I mean, the 3D tech isn't as completely there as people think it is. But it's actually novel enough to be pretty fun. And this is coming from someone who picks graphics apart. There is some artifacting. But enough of the photos are interesting enough to be enjoyable. I would say it's more holographic than 3D really. But still.

I mean, the phone seems to act like a phone, and the 3D is just an addition. It takes fine regular photos. And I haven't heard him bitching about how he hates anything yet. So... that's sort of a tech win. It's still early days as the factory air has barely worn off.

The funny thing about the phone though - is you can't see any of the pictures unless you own one of those phones. They can all exchange photos through the phones forum, but none of us can see them. And even that doesn't bother me.

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