Saturday, January 12, 2019


Being a bunny parent can be stressful. Things with their health can change quite rapidly, so now we take bunnies with us when we travel. It isn't like we haven't had sitters. They have been great. But even if you do everything right - rabbits are fakers. They hide illness until they have no option. And by then they can be very sick.

Literally they can look fine in the morning, and be close to death that night. They are huge assholes that way. So, it's a lot less worry for me just to do things this way. I literally bring a backpack of stuff to get bunnies out of a tailspin. Fluids, simethicone, etc.  It's ridiculous. They are constantly trying to kill themselves.

Luckily Lacy has turned out to be the best travel bunny we've had.  She doesn't go off her kibble at all. I think it helps that we picked her up from near L.A.  Possibly the road imprinted on her early. We basically drove down to L.A. Picked her up, turned right round and drove back.

This is her CES hotel set-up. She has a large pet carrier with her litter boxing's it. Then we attach another fold out cage so she doesn't have to lay in her litter box the whole time.

We bring a painters drop cloth. Because pets will be pets. If she spills her water or hay gets everywhere it's way easier to clean up this way.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, January 13, 2019 1:45:00 AM

    I can imagine hotel cleaning people looking at this setup and thinking that someone out there gets how not to be an asshole with his or her pets while staying in a hotel room ...

    That seems like it's becoming a rarity, but that level of consideration is becoming a rarity and in some ways is itself a marker of social class. In the past, everyone understood this under the aegis of the "you wouldn't dare" clause of social behavior, but I'm not so sure about this anymore.

    I know of one hotel chain that doesn't just clean their rooms -- they bring out a carpet scrubber even for a single night's stay. Their rates are relatively high, but there's been absolutely no sign that anyone else has ever stayed in the room, which is the optimal hotel experience in America.

    BTW, I am enjoying the hell out of this government shutdown, and so in the spirit of free enterprise and making the political class of this country less powerful and potentially unemployed, I offer the following way of getting to an airport not under the strictly disruptive control of the Terrified Security Administration:

    1. Take a chartered flight to FLL (here that's via Destin Executive Airport), take a bus to the Fort Lauderdale bus terminal (which is tolerable), or take Amtrak ("Silver Star") to Fort Lauderdale (which is awful where that's even an option);
    2. Board an executive shuttle to the cruise ship terminal at Port Everglades;
    3. Hire a "Bahamas shuttle", "Bahamas fast ferry", or some other private boat to take you to Nassau;
    4. Enjoy your overnight stay in Nassau;
    5. Fly out of Nassau the next day.

    Alternately, if you have deep pockets or just don't care, you can skip 1 through 5 and start with step 0, which is to take a chartered flight all the way to Nassau. You will not pass through a metal detector, a "whole body scanner", or have your asshole stretched open by the TSA during this highly preferable experience.


  2. That is very kind of you to say. I'm not sure I'm that big of an angel. I just did my stint as a maid before I got into tech. I cleaned houses, and I cleaned hotels.

    So, I'm that girl who pre-cleans the room before she leaves. I used to hate walking into a room that was wrecked. You just wanted to get your surfaces and be done with the whole thing.

    But consideration is definitely an old fashion sentiment. That is almost non existent these days. I think it's because people have so little self awareness.

    Soooooo - have you started island life?

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, January 14, 2019 3:30:00 AM

    You're guessing the eventual direction, more or less, but no.

    I have a stalker I'm ditching by being Completely Out of Town while the lawyer and cops gear up to Deal With It.

    The lawyer informed me that the optics of Just Shooting The Sumbitch were not good and that it'd be better if he handled it.

    I was just joking, but sometimes I think he covers his ass just in case.

    He must have some really fucked up defendants. :-)

  4. I'm not guessing as much as you are leaving crumbs. I read between the lines well.

  5. One day I might even talk about it more in what you'd think of as a long-form rant, but ...

    It's becoming clear that even millionaires can't afford to retire in the US.

    Medical care absurdities, everyday competence in decline, unlimited liability in torts, the ability to be imprisoned or messed with by any one of a number of so-called "protected classes" just making up shit, all with every indication that it's going to get worse ... what exactly is there to like about that future?

    I still have more to finish in the US, but it's obvious that I can't retire in the US -- all it would take is one really nasty hospital stay, one person pulling shit in the courts with Tort Lotto, and so forth to wipe out everything I've managed to build up over the years.

    My office VoIP setup works pretty well if I never transfer calls to the national phone network where I am right now, BTW. Nobody's caught on so far that I'm anywhere but in Florida, let alone that I'm actually out of the country.

    I'm going to try doing an "un-carrier" thing by switching to a data-only plan. That article I linked over at Vice makes me think that's going to become essential so I don't have even more amateur stalkers to deal with.

    But what about texting, you may ask? I hate texting, send me an E-mail instead, even a short one. I have better filters for E-mail than I do texts.

    Also, I realized I really like the Atlantic Time Zone, and so Florida should just switch to it and then tell Los Federales to stuff their "daylight saving" crap. :-)

    BTW, did you know there are no McDonald's in Bermuda?

    "Where we're going, we don't need any ordering kiosks ..." :-)

  6. The guy who said it wasn't hard to make money - the hard part was keeping money was the genius.

    Living in Silicon Valley - it is omnipresent how quickly you can lose everything. One day you are the king of the world. The next - you are living in a box.