Thursday, January 17, 2019

When you don't care what is in the box.

I love all of this new low power LED stuff! I walked up to this guy and of course he wanted to show me what was inside.

I was like - NO. Let's just look at the box!


  1. Hahaha. That's funny. Even after I posted the picture I didn't care enough to figure out what the device was. But I think you are right.

  2. How did I know? I have one.
    Has a couple e-readers and the best of them is the Nook HD+

    If you root it, then it's awesome.
    Has a 32 gig chip I put in it...and the things are only $29 dollars online (the nook that is)

    It's better than the Ipad.

    Barnes and Noble could have kicked Apple's ass if they had not stopped production but ramped it up with an even lighter model.

    So, I bough a cover, some chargers...and after rooting it, it's the best reader I ever had.
    It does movies in amazing fidelity.
    I only use it for books though...has thousands of books on it.
    Holy crap...just looked online..the price has went up. I bought mine never used.