Thursday, January 17, 2019

Well, that explains that.

Doom and gloom: Department stores' disappointing holiday sales results spell trouble for 2019.

"Macy's in particular — with more than 690 stores across the U.S., including Bloomingdale's — has served as a sort of barometer for its peers. When the company said it didn't sell as much women's sportswear, sleepwear, fashion jewelry and cosmetics during the holidays as executives had hoped, Macy's shares had their worst day ever, cratering nearly 18 percent. It brought many retail stocks down with it too.

Hey - I have an idea. If Macy's wanted to sell things, maybe they could get their cashiers to actually not call a break with a line six people deep during the holidays.

It is also super irritating that the media is blaming the government shutdown for the weak holiday sales. I mean, I started getting my panties in a bunch about this a full week before the shutdown because the malls suddenly had discount signs back up.

I posted about it on November 19th - I guess it's not trendy to talk about the mallpocolypse right now. With a follow up post on December 24 - This is our life now. I'm pretty sure the shutdown had JUST happened.

This was well under way before the government shutdown. But at least they have someone to blame.

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