Sunday, January 20, 2019

Lantern festival.

I think it was at the end of the Christmas light crawl that we saw this in the city next to us. I don't think it would have normally been something that we went out of our way for. They'd been advertising it on TV. But, when we drove by, it looked bigger than we thought. We were already light crawled out at that point though. So I put it out of my mind.

Then a couple of days ago Mr. S. randomly said - Hey, do you want to go check out that thing in the city next to us. It's the last week.

I was kinda surprised because this almost isn't in the top ten things I would try to drag him to this time of year. But then it hit me - you want to go take pictures with your phone!

He bust out laughing. Because he did want to go take pictures with his new 3D phone. Sadly you can not see any of those pictures because only people with those phones can see them. But it is sort of like all of these photo's. Only in 3D.

I was the first to try to talk him out of buying that thing, but it has actually turned out to be quite fun. It makes you discover things in a different way. And some of the pictures are pretty fun and cool. You just can't see them. And Red Hydrogen didn't ruin the phone part of being a phone.

But these are my shots in non 3D.


  1. Pretty life sized. For example the zebra and tigers were about about the size of a real zebra and tigers. The flowers were about chest high, while the jellyfish were several feet taller than me. I would say most stuff was at least human sized.

  2. Not plastic actually. ;) You can see all the creatures have a wire frame. Then I think they put some kind of mesh fabric over the top.

    To tell you the truth - If I had f-u money, I would pay someone to make me a bunch of these so at Christmas I can just put them in the yards of people with light up Christmas deer. People would walk out of their homes one morning to see their Christmas deer with a lion attached to it. Because I am immature and think that would be funny.

    But then I also once found out that amazon sells 6 foot tall blow up dicks. Not a typo. And I also fanaticized about just buying a ton of them and putting them in one of the neighbors front yards. The one with the dog of course. Same reason. One morning they would walk out and their whole front yard would have giant blow up dicks in it.

    The only thing that keeps me out of trouble is impulse control and a lack of money to just throw away. Seriously. Just go to amazon and type in blow up dicks.