Thursday, January 31, 2019

I think she should get off on a technicality.

Mr S. likes to send me articles when people get into trouble for speeding. Because he knows I'm just trying to find the boundaries of what will get your arrested.

Which is funny because he was pretty mad when I got my ticket. He thought I didn't take it seriously enough. Believe me - once you get the bill... you will slow your roll for a while - for sure.

So apparently,  driving 115 mph in a 35 mph speed limit zone, while driving in snowy and slushy conditions does get you arrested. But I think that's unfair because she was just doing what the National weather Service advised a couple of days ago. Here.

And I'm just kind of wondering how the ticket goes if you have this license plate. I'm sorry doesn't do shit for you once you get pulled over. As a matter of a fact that whole experience made me feel ugly because that cop didn't give me a break at all. Yes,  not even a "because you are cute" kinda break and not an asshole when pulled over.


  1. You just don't fit the right demo.

    Six years ago, my youngest daughter was driving her mom somewhere. At the end of a long, steep climb, she "forgot" to take her foot off the gas and was pulled over for doing 80 or 85 in a 60 zone. The trooper got her license, regis, and insurance and went back to his vehicle. When he came back, he asked her if she was the girl (daughter was about 17) who was teaching piano? Yes, she answered. OK, he said, here's my home phone number, my (cop's) daughter wants to learn to play. No ticket.

    About 5 years before that our middle daughter was also pulled over for doing the same speed in the same place. Our kid had moved here while her husband was deployed in the Gulf (Persian not Mexico, ha ha) and had applied for a vacancy on the city police and was at police academy two days a week. "Oh, are you [redacted] who's now on the police in [also redacted]?" Yes, she said. Well, remember to slow down when you get to the top of the hill, he told her. No ticket.

    30 years before that, we (2 parents and 3 kids) were heading to LA in our great big Mercury station wagon. My dad, being "patriotic" had a "driving 55 with you" (That's way before your time, I know) bumper sticker. My brother (maybe 17 at the time) was barreling down I-5 (the 5?) by Red Bluff doing 70 or so (wow!!!) and a Cali trooper pulled him over. When the cop came back from his cruiser after running the plates, etc., he told my brother that he would have let him off with a warning, except for his "driving 55" bumper sticker. I don't remember how much the ticket cost, all I remember 40 years later is that my brother made my dad pay the ticket.

  2. Are you saying that if I were carrying kids they would have given me a break?

  3. Nah, it's driving with my wife that gets you a warning not a ticket.
    And man oh man, I'm wordy.

  4. Oh - huh. I didn't know what was an option. Can I borrow her? And how fast can I drive when she's in the car? Just curious. ;)