Saturday, January 26, 2019

Today was very stereotypically "Silicon Valley".

I really have a ton of home projects to get to, but Mr S. got that new 3D phone. So we said screw that - let's go get The Gates of Hell at Stanford!  Imagine photo's kinda of like this, but in 3D.

We decided to stop at the new Shake Shack at the Palo Alto mall. Where we waited in line for about an hour.  Which was kind of funny since our AitrBnb in Vegas was right next to a Shake Shack. We shared a table with a stranger because when you wait in line that long you get to know people a little.

Normally I might not have thought having lunch with a stranger would be something I was into - but it worked today. Also Palo Alto is just one of those places where you feel you can have lunch with any rando and it's not bad.

Then went over to the Campus. See ....this whole story sounds like a stereotype!

Honestly, I can't believe I don't think that phone is stupid because no one without a 3D enabled device can see the pictures. But they have managed to make it "fun enough" for it not to matter that much. Although, not quite fun enough for me to convert my phone too. It's sort of a big phone for girl hands. But fun enough that you swing back around to some of the touristy things.

(Update) -  The interesting thing about the Palo Alto Shake shack -  zero order takers/cashiers. Kiosk only. I'm not even sure how you would give them cash.


  1. "Are Prostitutes better than normal women? Should men simply avoid dating and marriage and just pay money for sex with prostitutes? The following article explains why men should simply avoid normal women and ONLY have sex with prostitutes:"

    I think it depends on whether you want to own or rent.

    I sort of had a conflict with this spam because if it didn't have the link I might have kept it. I'm pretty free speech and it is an interesting philosophical dilemma. And as spam goes, this is fairly harmless.

  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, January 27, 2019 8:36:00 PM

    Rodin: "Run, Paolo, RUN!"

    This guy: "Yeah, just walk away from Francesca, Paolo ... besides, Francesca's sister is almost as hot and she's in a nunnery, wink wink, nudge nudge."


    I've never seen the one at Stanford, but I've seen the one in Zurich.

  3. If it was just about sex... but it's not.

  4. Yeah! You are never going to get a prosti to make you a sammich.

  5. *snort* ... there's a Sasha Grey video ... oh, wait.

    That's a different kind of sandwich. :-)