Monday, January 21, 2019

Smart glasses are not "the next big thing".

Smart Glasses, Neural Computers, Self-Driving Cars: What's "The Next Big Thing" After Smartphones.

I feel like people who write these stories have never really spent much time with these devices.

Mr S. and I actually met back in the day at a company that did VR. So I call this VR2. I talk to as many people as I can about VR or XR. Which is really just a fancy acronym for mixed reality. Because I am always curious if all the problems from the past will be resolved this time around.

For example I when I was at CES - they had a huge booth for the fire department which was giving out technology grants. They need to get all of their equipment to talk to each other. So I was kinda curious since I have seen some pretty amazing HUD concepts. I have always wondered why they were never adopted. You can see one of the videos I did on one back in 2011.

Interestingly when I walked up and started talking to them about what I said above - they pulled out a Magic Leap and offered to let me see their demo. But I was not having any VR/XR stuff at CES. That is how people come back with the flu. And I knew that I had another chance to see it soon. So I declined. I have already tried the Hololens.

What they told me I found super interesting. And it's sort of the same reason why motorcycles can't get their helmet HUDS to take off that well. They can't figure out how to put data in front your eye and not have it interrupt your field of view. To be there when you need it, and not when you don't. How to make it so it's not distracting.

Additionally - there is a not an insignificant amount of people who get motion sickness from these devices. Even really young people report they have to take a break after using them for a full day. It is why 3D glasses failed.

I truly believe these devices will be "a" thing.  Just not "the" thing. Manufacturing for sure will use them. They already wear bulky headgear. But I doubt this will be a mass adoption kind of thing. VR is still less than 1% of all gaming systems sold. For sure there is still a ton of hype. With smart glasses you are competing for the smallest screen on the planet. And you still need to be able to see.

Plus, I just still believe that people hate to wear glasses. I've said it a million times and nothing has happened to make me stop believing that. Sunglasses aside. You don't spend that much time in sunglasses. So people tolerate them.

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