Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Lidar lidar everywhere. Hope you have some change to spare.

The only thing interesting about car lidar right now is where they are putting it. Right? And yes, there are other uses for lidar outside of the car industry.

I think eventually they will incorporate it into things like this headlight concept. But for right now, some of these cars are sporting like 30 grand in lidar. That is really going to jack up the prices of cars.


  1. Well ... shit.

    If these lidar rigs inside headlights are going to become common, that may actually force me off the roads for good, especially if they're going to be fairly powerful.

    The problem is that I can actually see more UV and IR light than most people, and not just that little bit where there's a warm glow coming out of IR cameras like for most people.

    IR cameras to me look like a 100 watt ring of fire, and I can see when the police fire off their laser speed detection units because it looks like a blue-green flash of light to me.

    Even the doors of shopping places have these IR beams that I can see so well that I can reliably sweep my hand in front of them to open the doors before I'm anywhere near crashing into them.

    The light is actually pretty bright ... if you can see it.

  2. Oh - wow. That ~is~ interesting. I have done a fair amount of IR photography. Not so much in the past few years. I have a standard IR Fuji DSLR, and I convert. You have to pay extra for that. So, I get more than most how freaky that is.

    One of the lidar rigs at CES ruined a guys camera. I think it was mobleeye. And at first I was skeptical, but they offered to replace it, and didn't deny that could happen. So....

    You have a fair amount of weird shit going on with you.

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