Friday, October 06, 2017

The snarkolepsy job site is dark today.

And I'm okay with that. They only get paid on progress, so I'm pretty sure they are coming back. Plus a little contractor goes a long way with me. And these guys are great so far. But the contractor crazy is starting to come out now.  I will explain later.

They finally got all of the concrete off, and under every layer - there was water. There are a couple of spots here that are really dangerous to walk on now. After it's fully dried out from the heat I bet it just disintegrates. The ply is starting to curl up today.

Mr S. got home last night and I said to him - I think I've finally figured out why contractors are so crazy. They are just gossips. And when people gossip the information tends not to always be accurate. A little like twitter.

Twitter is also a gossip machine. So, you have to check the source several times before you believe anything.

I've worked with enough contractors that I know that they all are conspiracy freaks. So I wasn't sure when the crazy dam would break, but I knew it would. Turned out to be the youngest guy that's been on the site so far. He's in the full FEMA camps. Rich people are going to start killing people. The government is killing bums because they all keep disappearing. He tried to convince me that Trump was trying to take everyones guns. Complained about the DACA kids. To which I said - those aren't kids. They are old! How can you be here for 20 years and not be a citizen?

I asked him where they were putting the FEMA camps. He said at Walmart in Texas. Which I did track down the youtube videos, that are two years old at this point.  When you try to explain that there hasn't been anything new on that story they just tell you the government keeps it a secret.

Anyway. Mr S. got home and I told him the whole story and he says to me - Don't take away peoples' conspiracy theorys. They don't like that. I look at him and said, what? It's one of those things that make people feel special. That only they are smart enough to see the conspiracy.

So what your telling me is that I'm too sane for this world. And in the most sarcastic way he says - yes, that's what makes you special. I just look at him and we both bust up laughing.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, October 06, 2017 5:50:00 PM

    "I like you Stuart,
    you're not like the other people
    here, in the trailer park ..."
    -- The Dead Milkmen, "Stuart"

    Austin's memo to Philly: they were ours before they were yours, deal with it. :-)

    The Dead Milkmen, "Peter Bazooka"

    The Dead Milkmen, "The Conspiracy Song"

    The Dead Milkmen, "Junkie"

    :-) :-) :-)

  2. Any surface that is flat and outdoors will get wet. So, if the wrong subsurface is installed, it will happen again. I would be interested to know exactly what type of floor you plan to install here.