Friday, October 13, 2017

I can't believe they aren't driving me crazy yet.

This is the first time I've ever worked with a commercial contractor, and I think I'm sort of loving it.

Mr S. thought I'd be losing my mind by day seven. His timeline was - day one, they would drive me nuts. By day three I'd find them interesting because of all of their stories, and by day seven - I'd be over that.

But we are two weeks in now and if I could only use commercial contractors - I might do that. Obviously that is not a reality because they aren't going to fix stuff other than structural.

Residential contractors are always complaining and telling me I can't do things. Like once, I wanted to hang a really heavy set of sliding interior doors at my rental. That contractor and I went round and round until I scrubbed the net to find some extra heavy duty hardware to support a super heavy door. And to some degree I like the challenge of convincing a contractor that you can do what I want without a hack. I mean, you can always hire residential guys who will do anything you want, but you don't want those guys. You want the curmudgeons.

Commercial contractors I'm a little afraid of. They will do anything I want, so there is no one to rein me in. If I say I want this gone, I'd turn around and it'd just be gone. Commercial contractors are monsters. In a good way.

I guess on Monday I have my first inspection. A framing inspection. And I'm dancing with Mother Nature now. We get a chance of rain on Wednesday. Usually we can make it to Halloween before we get any rain.


  1. Just stick blue tarps all over it like Houston did ...


  2. That actually looks likely. They upped my rain total to a half an inch yesterday. The isn't nusance rain, that's real rain. We will see what they say tonight.