Wednesday, October 18, 2017

They might have broken me.

Not the contractors, but the old people who used to live in my house. When I think about the tons (and I means tons) of stuff I have torn out of my house - it's just mind boggling.

Buying old people houses used to be a tactic of mine. Old people neglect things, and I don't mind fixing them. When I buy a house I want to rip everything out anyway - so why not buy an old person house at a discount because they have neglected repairs.

My deck and one other project are actually the only improvements (other than fences) I've made since the recession. Which was good because you aren't going to put money into a place you are underwater on. I basically spent the whole recession making my place look better by ripping things out. Seriously, you just can't believe how much stuff old people accumulate. And I bought a hoarder house! That's my rental. Seriously. They were pulling dump trucks of stuff out of there.

But this house has that house beat.

10 tons of concrete on my deck. (no exaggeration at all) - check
Shake roof - check
Beat up hot tub with gazebo - check
I once had something like 52 rose bushes. Now I have a calming three - check
The front yard had pea gravel which I had taken out with a large caterpillar and dump trucks - check
Mr S. and I rented a small caterpillar and re-graded the yards. I think I rented two debris bins from the city. - check
I took out a few concrete pads in the back - check.

And these are just the major things I've ripped out. So..... I think the old people that used to live here have whooped my ass.

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