Tuesday, October 03, 2017

My project is finally real.

I've been living with this hideous monstrosity since I moved into this house. My place was a flip, and a bad flip. But I'd planned to rework it, and then the recession hit. I actually talked the flipper down in price because of this deck. Not everyone is going to be willing to take on a project like this.

Under that deck sits my garage. Which is kinda why finding a contractor was so hard. I mean, anyone with a contractors license can work on it, but this is really a narrow slice of construction to do this right.

These decks were never really meant to be decks. All these years I'd been trying to figure out they they started out life as, and it wasn't until I got a new neighbor that I found out. He apparently grew up in one of these houses, and they were just flat roofs.

Now I get to bring this thing up to current code. So I get to work with the city which should be fun. Said in the most sarcastic way.

Now you know and I can talk about it because they are up there ripping it out.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, October 03, 2017 3:46:00 PM

    What were the people who built this place thinking?

    "We'll have a deck, but with a small wall around it so our little toddler won't toddle off the edge?"

    I've seen worse though.

  2. I've got one of the few unobstructed 180 degree views in town. It makes you forget those goofy poney walls.

    It is an odd design though.