Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fire drill Wednesday.

This morning my Nest smoke alarms woke Mr S. and I up with the sound of - there is smoke in the entry way.

Which has happened a couple of time actually. Since my family has been through a fire the first couple of times it freaked me the hell out. But now, I don't love it obviously. But with the fires up North I feel like the practice drills aren't maybe that bad.

I mean, you get woken up by a fire alarm. What do you do? You literally have ONE MINUTE to figure out if your house is on fire and get out. People just don't understand how fast real fire happens. Your house can literally be fully engulfed in three minutes.

I was kinda proud of Mr S., because he flew out of bed and started trying to assess if there was any smoke in the house. There wasn't. But it's nice to see how he would react if there were.

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