Monday, October 02, 2017

The only thing I have to say about Las Vegas today since I have stayed in that hotel complex.

That is a valet only hotel. Once you check in - they take your car, and they insist on taking all of your stuff from your car to your room.

I always sort of hate it because I'm rushed to get my bunny and all of her stuff out. It's always sort of a hectic experience.

But it isn't like a motel six where you can go back to your car anytime you want. You can check it out, but for the most part you don't have free access to your car at all. And they take your belonging to your room.

So it will be interesting to find out how he smuggled all that stuff up there.


  1. Very interesting. Thanks for posting this. It just gets stranger and stranger.

  2. I only pointed it out because I've had to smuggle in a bunny a time or two at other hotels, and that takes a bit of premeditation. So I scope every hotel to see how hard it would be to smuggle in a bunny. That particular hotel complex would not be easy at all. But they take pets.

    If it's true how much stuff he had up there, that would take a bit of thought. And you don't have constant contact with your belongings. They take them, and at some point they show up at your room.

  3. We had to do the same thing with our dog when visiting Kamloops!

    Your post actually answered my "one wonders how someone gets 19 assault rifles into a hotel, up 32 floors" thoughts so apparently easily.

  4. I think that guy screwed it up for all of us pet smugglers. To be sure my first choice is to always find a pet friendly hotel, but for some reason sometimes they only allow a certain type of pet. Usually dogs. While we were in Ohio we stopped at a pet friendly hotel and they asked what kind of pet she was, and we kinda danced around it trying to figure out what type of pets they took. Turned out dogs only. So she became a dog that day.

    I'm sort of shocked one of the valets didn't notice something weird, but as Mr S said, people that come in for CES have a lot of weird equipment. Camera gear and the lot. They have a lot of trade shows there, so I can see how they might have not felt anything was out of place.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, October 03, 2017 4:02:00 PM

    Logistically, this is super easy ...

    You become one of the valets.

    Everyone's so busy thinking about perimeter defense that they're no longer thinking about what to do about someone "working for free" in a hotel uniform. The entire idea is outside the normal realm of thought for most hotel employees.

    Other related concepts: nobody ever looks at the getaway driver, nobody questions whether the cops that show up at a disaster are real cops, nobody questions whether the paramedics who show up at a crime scene are real paramedics, etc.

    So this was during CES? There are plenty of strange faces on days like those. It's probably so common that nobody even considered challenging him if that's what he did.

    During the SHOT Show, however, everyone knows your heavy gear is guns, ammo, and accessories.

    So about "how someone gets 19 assault rifles into a hotel, up 32 floors" so easily?

    Normally, you just tip really, really well, but if you want to do it covertly, dress up like a valet.