Monday, October 23, 2017

Conversations wit Mr S.

Me - I've been watching these guys trying to figure out how you deal when you guys yell at each other.  I mean,  if a girl did the exact same thing as a guy - that would not be okay...... right?

Mr S. - Well, when guys yell at each other it's usually a prelude to a fight.

Me - Oooooh. And a girl doesn't complete the circuit. (because you can't hit us)

Him - Well yeah. Guys can yell at each other because they know they can only take it so far before you get hit. It's kind of a circuit breaker.

Me - Well, how do you deal with that with girls?

Him - Well, we kind of feel like you aren't fighting fair. I know it isn't a logical reaction, it's more of a visceral reaction.

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