Thursday, October 19, 2017

Deck deck go - update.

Because I had so much concrete up there, they had to make some space with a new sub-sub floor. My slider used to have a two inch step down. But after the concrete removal, it became an almost 11 inch step down. And that's not a normal step. The new sub-sub floor also has the correct slant for proper drainage. Now my step down is about seven inches. And that's a normal step.

Because there are two subfloors they put in brackets to make sure the top one never bounces. There were a lot more of them, but this must have been an early picture. Every place where one subfloor met the other - there was a bracket.

Then they stuck in the tongue and grove plywood. Well technically they put in insulation first, but you don't really care about seeing that do you?

They took my slider out and put in a new flashing base at the floor line.

These are my industrial sized scuppers. I thought I would have two floor drains and a few scuppers, but they chose only the larger sized scuppers. Scuppers are sort of like the emergency release valve of decks. If your drains stop up and water keep rising, they are sort of like the overflow part at damns.

Then wire.

They stripped the stucco from my wall because the paper had been torched due to water infiltration. Luckily the damage hadn't really crawled the walls.

This is what it looked like yesterday. Pretty much ready for the next step. And that is your deck update.

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