Thursday, October 05, 2017

Day three of DEMO. Never thought I'd say that. I thought they'd have this thing ripped out in two.

It's like they are demo'ing my deck twice.

But I'm not mad because the jackhammers are a bonus. You have to teach your new neighbors you have the money to make their life miserable too. We will see what kind of people they turn out to be after a month. I hope exhausted because the also have a baby.

I should actually be recording that sound for posterity. In case I need it later.


  1. After the first of the month, what do I get?

    New neighbors ... with an under-stimulated dog who goes apeshit when someone even walks past his new abode.

    YAP YAP YAP at inappropriate hours.

    Try YAP YAP YAP at 3 AM when you've just got back from a Waffle House run.
    (It's a special drive just for that.)

    So the sound machine got cranked up again.

    After about three hours, I heard a dog whimpering ...

    Sorry kiddo, I'm not relenting. You're the one who started it.

    I went to sleep with it on and switched it off when I woke up.

    I think the other dogs on this floor told that dog to shut the hell up, because I don't hear any of them yapping or barking now. :-)

    This time it was much more annoying because I left it doing a 2 kHz sweep around 19.5 kHz. When it's just human nay-burrz, I just leave it set to about 17.4 kHz so it's highly annoying to anyone under 30 years old. :-)

    For those out there in Internet "muh feelz" land who think this is cruel, consider a little Pavlovian shock treatment to be considerably more kind than any of the other possible outcomes ...

    Unfortunately it also seems to upset the neighbor's cat who likes to do some extreme climbing in order to get over to the refuge of my balcony. Apparently the cat doesn't like some of these dogs any more than I do. He'll be OK in a couple of weeks -- he probably just thinks I'm being a real asshole again, which is a bit rich coming from a cat. :-)

  2. No way! I don't get these dogs. You can't potty train them, you definitely can't shut them up.

    Things over here have been okay since the jackhammer. We will see how it goes.