Friday, October 13, 2017

For all those "robots are taking our jobs" people.

Every time a robot gets introduced to food service the net goes wild. And then I usually have to come out with a post telling everyone to calm down. Those jobs will still exist, they will just be different jobs.

So.......... there is a robot pizza company in Mountain View called Zume Pizza. It's been all over the media the past few months. Look at the jobs these monsters are hiring for.

Senior software engineer X3.
Android developer.
UI/UX visual designer.

Now, it's the first time I've ever seen a pizza restaurant need almost a full software development team. You can see the listings here.


  1. Just think, once they get all the bugs worked out they can sell them to all the pizza places. Get some self driving cars and all the out of work pizza makers can ride along to take the pizza to the door!
    I'm sure the pizza software people can find work at the next industry being automated.

  2. Oh, I'm pretty sure the robots are going to enslave us all. We will be working for, and on, them.

    There are a bunch of cities that already are doing pilot programs for delivery bots.

  3. Just think of how absurd Iron Chef will be with actual chefs made of iron ...

    I'll know this is serious when there's a Crepes Suzette Printer Bot.

    But can Bobby Flay beat the Crepes Suzette Printer Bot? :-)