Thursday, June 01, 2017

Debbie downer strikes again.

Silicon Valley has really been driving me crazy lately. "Everybody wants to change the world", but all they are doing is copying each other and putting out crap. Take for instance VR and augmented reality. Everyone in the Valley is falling all over themselves trying to create a new set of glasses when what they really need is content. It really feels like where robotics was about 10 years ago. ~A solution in search of a problem.~

My personal belief is that they are wasting their time on glasses. When 3D came out I said - that's never going to take off. People don't like to wear glasses. When Google Glass came out I said - this is going to never take off because people don't like to wear glasses.  I don't make the rules - I just observe them. Everyone I've ever known has hated wearing glasses. They tolerate it - but if they can get surgery - people do that in a heartbeat. And until people stop making me believe they hate wearing glasses - that's how I feel about all of these products.

Now Silicon Valley thinks everyone is going to be okay walking around like Daft punk or like old people who just got cataract surgery. They made helmets. They made giant old people glasses. And while some of the tech can be pretty neat - I just don't at all believe in the delivery system. I mean, helmets are HOT. And I didn't really think about it until I saw the guy above with a fan strapped to his face - sometimes phones get hot too. I just don't see any of this working for very long. Not too much outside of the OH wow stage.

Now of course there are going to be sectors that will adopt this. Construction and people who are already used to all this bulkiness. Or like Military. But honestly the whole sector seems stalled to me. The screen door effect still exists on most of the headsets I've tried. And it's all I can see at this point. Especially when video game graphics are so rich these days. Athough I haven't done Oculus in a while I'm not sure if it still has it. The Hololense is actually pretty neat-ish. But the viewing area is really limited and sort of bothersome. I actually waited around an hour today to try it again to make sure I wasn't being unfair. And Magic Leap - I honestly don't know what the hell is going on with those guys. I was at a conference a few months ago and their demo was completely broken. They act like they don't need business which I'm finding hard to believe because all of a sudden their momentum seems off. But they had guys trying to recruit engineers at the thing I was at today. Now people can stay in stealth mode for a really long time, but as I said... if it wasn't for PokemanGo - this would be a nothing sector. And we are FIVE years into this now.

I even got one of those Tango phones for Free back in October, and have yet to find a good use for it. I didn't even blog about it because I was pretty unimpressed. It's just not as accurate as it needs to be. That phone fully went to market and nobody talked about it. Well, I did see a couple of people talk about it but I assumed they'd also gotten a free phone because they pretty much said don't  buy it if you don't have to. They were less kind than I would have been. I figured I couldn't add anything new to the conversation so why bother.

So really - there's always porn! I think the device these two are on is actually a flight sim, but all I can see it being used for is porn. And this is not about me - its about all YOU deviants. I mean is a certain time in peoples lives that you will rub one out to a cartoon! When you are hitting puberty. You can admit it. Mr S. says it doesn't even have to be animated which made me laugh. So the graphics for porn don't have to be all that great. And it doesn't matter if the goggles make you sweat your eyes out. I just don't see this as a mainstream product lasting for very long except maybe in porn I guess is where I'm going. Or manufacturing.

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