Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Conversations with Mr S.

A couple of weeks ago Mr S. and I were riding in the car and that Carrie Underwood song, Before he Cheats, comes on the radio. All of a sudden Mr S. turns to me and says - can we analyze this song from a mans point of view?

I look at him like he nuts and say - okay.. lets go Mr crazy. Lets see what you've got.

He says - All these lyrics are about how he's probably slow dancing, and he's probably getting frisky. No where in the song does it say he's cheating. Maybe she's just a crazy bitch.

I was sort of stunned because I never gave that song one second of thought before that minute. He'd obviously had thought about this for more than a little while. But I respond with - but..... it's implied in the song.

He continues - Yeah, it's implied, but no where in the song does it say he was cheating. I think it would be funny if he was just hanging out with his buddies trying to figure out something nice to do for his girlfriend, but she's just this crazy bitch that's destroyed his car.

Really...what could I say to that? He's sort of right.


  1. He's got a point. There's a whole lot of "probablys" in that song.

  2. Steve! OMG -it's like a ghost from the past. I didn't know you still read me. Good to see you.

    Yeah, I was ready to take the females side but as you listen to the words it's hard to defend the girl. Maybe she ~is~ just a crazy bitch.