Thursday, June 08, 2017

One anonymous musical greeting card.

Mr S thinks I shouldn't blog about this because the internet makes the whole world small. But I've been super sick this week and I've spent a lot of time in bed. This is all I've got right now. So here goes.

A few months ago we got a new neighbor with one of those tiny dogs that bark all the time. I was getting ready to go to war with this family. The dog was barking at 5:30 every morning. And I already have insomnia.... so this dog was a huge problem. There were a few times that I almost jumped out of bed and went over to their house at 5:30 in the morning and banged on their door SWAT style.

Instead Mr S. came up with the brilliant idea of one of those greeting cards where you could record a message. We figured we would record the dog and send it to them. But, those cards aren't actually easy to find anymore because people would record "greetings" in the store before they were ever sold - so they stopped making them.  But, we did manage to find a musical greeting card with the tune "who let the dogs out".

I left them a dear neighbor note inside that said they looked like the nicest family and maybe they didn't know their dog was waking everyone up at 5:30 in the morning. I honestly thought this would have ZERO success. The last house lived in I had a neighbor with one of these dogs and he would let it bark 24/7. When I talked to him about it he flipped out and kept letting the dog bark. So I decided to move. That's why I took the cowards way out this time. That was a lot of drama for no result.

But this time?.......... It actually seems have worked. I mean, the dog is still a dog and barks. But not at 5:30 in the morning and really that's all I care about.

Now I'm getting another new neighbor and I hope they don't have one of those dogs because I totally don't believe that will work twice.


  1. I have a neighbor that has a lab that barks about 20 out of 24 hours a day, and pretty much non stop at night. He just stands in the back yard and barks for no reason. Anyway, I tried to talk to the neighbors in the nicest way possible and they went NUTS and told me to mind my own fucking business that if their dog wants to bark he can bark all he wants. Nice folks.

    So this is the world we live in now. People that are so rude and inconsiderate that they don't even care they're causing problems for other people. I just ended up getting a box fan to run on high all night to drown out the sounds of this dog barking so I can sleep. Welcome to the world in 2017. I have very little faith in humanity, but I'm a total cynic so whatever. lol

  2. Yeah. That's what happened at my old house too. That's why I will probably always take the cowards way out from now on. There was no reasoning with that guy. And the neighbors are no help. You just can't believe how much they will put up with.

    I know it's not so easy to do these days, but I recommend moving. Ooooooooor you could buy one of those directional speakers and play his dog back to him on the 4 hours it doesn't bark on max vol. There has to be something that drives him crazy. Spite light?

    Mostly I recommend moving. Or take up a new hobby like metal grinding. A really LOUD hobby. Lets take this thing to a whole nutter level.

  3. I plan on moving, in 2 more years. Just gotta hold out until then. I thought about fighting back, but these people got so crazy when I talked to them about it I'm afraid they might do something rash. This is the south (Georgia) after all. People in the south always end up on an episode of COPS barefoot with no shirt on after doing something crazy. I'd rather avoid that. lol

  4. Oh Baby... no one feels for you more than I do. I don't know if I could have held out for two years. That dog literally almost made me lose my mind after one year. It was like a baby crying non stop. If I had to wait another year I might have poisoned that dog. Now I have ~never hurt~ and would never hurt anything, but I would fantasize the shit out of that.

    Every once in a while someone pops up on the news that doesn't have the impulse control I do. I always tell Mr S. - I'm not saying it's right..... but I understand.

    My old neighbor flipped out almost exactly like that. He was full of jarhead rage. He was like - I don't know how to get it to stop.

    How about trying yelling at it! Or if you can't control it - keep it inside YOUR house.

    Imma gonna keep you in my thoughts and hopes that a solution comes for you sooner than two years. Because that is a level of torture no one should have to put up with.

  5. Never, ever, talk to neighbors about their noisy dogs. Never. Did I mention never?
    They are children to most people these days, and they will react at that level. Doesn't matter how long they remain your neighbor, that comment about their dog will poison all future interactions.

    However, most municipalities have noise laws. You can contact them, and let the city be the bad guy. There is generally specific rules about barking dogs, and they can get really harsh if the owners don't address the problem. Like expensive harsh. You may want to record the dog action, video if possible. Best thing? They are not allowed to inform the noisy neighbor who called in the complaint.

    If your city has no dog regulations, consider a slingshot with ice balls. You want the evidence to vanish. Make sure there is nothing delicate as a backstop if you miss. Like windows, screens, vehicles. Hitting sheet metal is noisy, and may get the owner's attention, besides the dings might be noticed. Try to avoid this, if you have already filed a noise complaint, since they will have that on their restricted record.

  6. The city doesn't narc you out? I thought they did. I think that's why none of the neighbors do it.

    The iceballs though....not bad.