Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sometimes I'm so gobsmacked at how little people know of how the world works.

"Trump wants 4.5 million new apprenticeships in five years — with nearly the same budget".

I honestly can't figure out how anyone is having a problem with this. It's how the system USED to work! Without government intervention for shits shakes.

The trend really started happening before the Obama administration. I noticed it because there were always apprenticeships in construction. Then the Millennial generation came along and acted like they knew everything. They were too good to start at the bottom and work up. Maybe they will figure it out I thought to myself.

But, that is how you used to get job training. Now all of a sudden it's a big deal? And when the eff did Obama "promote" apprenticeships I'd like to know? When did Obama care if anyone to worked at all?

This is a ridiculous handout to the construction sector. It's something they would do voluntarily because it helps their bottom line. It was always baked into the cost of doing business. It's no different than interning for a tech company. And it's basically a return to how some sectors always used to work. But look at how these idiots write about it!

"President Donald Trump wants to blow out the number of apprentices working for U.S. companies — but it doesn't look like he'll spend the money to do it.

Apprenticeships blend on-the-job work with paid classroom instruction, and they usually last two to six years. The federal government has regulated and certified apprenticeships since 1937, but the jobs were not actively promoted by more recent presidents until the Obama administration.

Trump wants to create 5 million new apprenticeships over the next five years, which would be almost 10 times the total that exist now. But the money he has appropriated to apprenticeships is roughly the same as it was under Obama."

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