Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Let's see if radio waves really make people crazy.

I think I just hit my last conference until later in the summer. I'm soon to be handcuffed to a contractor. The Valley is boring me right now anyway. But - I was able to find one technology I'm sort of excited about. It's still in it's infancy.

Wireless power charging. We all long for that day when we don't need power cords. Right? We are pretty far from that right now, but who knows what the future holds?

This company basically takes radio frequencies and turns it into power.  You have a box that broadcasts RF and another smaller box the does the conversion into power. I think. I'm still a little sketch on the details. But you definitely need a transmitter and a receiver which causes these little LED's to light up if you are within range.  Which is about 5 feet or so.

I've already seen perfume boxes with these LED's in them. It really catches your eye. But now that I think about it - it's only cool at the store until this becomes more adopted. But as you can see they expect to put this tech into keyboards, mice and video game controllers so (hopefully) one day you will never need to plug them in. And it just charges over the ether.

Of course, this is going to really be awesome some day - or it's going to cause some super mentally unstable people to freak out. Crazy people are always talking about how they hear the radio signals in their head. Right? Well.... lets see which way this goes.


  1. It sounds like somebody's made a miniature Tesla device. Might be cool if it works, and if the transmitter and receivers are less of a hassle than the power cords & such.

  2. Oh yeah. Look at you. I guess I didn't know that.

    It could be great, or it could just be like superconductors. A nuthingbuger.

    Is it bad of me to think I hope it does make mentally unstable people unstable. I'm tired of zhombies, and this could be a new horror theme. I haven't thought it out yet...butI've watched way more stupid premises than that.

  3. Speaking of wireless and magnetic fields, you might find this link interesting.

  4. Most respectfully - I think that is junk science. Cancer rates have fallen dramatically in the past 20 years, while electrification has risen exponentially. Now smoking became less popular in the last 20 years, and most cancers are attributed to smoking.

    You can't use the Amish as a sample set. They don't believe in medicine. They pull their childrens teeth so they don't have to go to a dentist. Maybe they just don't go to the doctor and report they are having problems until they are dead. I don't find the Amish a reliable sample set at all due to their culture. i.e. rejection of modern medicine. The Amish don't smoke though. So that is possibly why they report lower cancers.