Thursday, June 15, 2017

Remember that hedge I chopped down? Those neighbors moved in yesterday. I took 4-5 feet off that thing. Do you think they noticed? Mr S. says he thinks he wouldn't notice. But I totally would.


  1. I would just assume prior owner. Lay low and you should be out of the woods. DF

  2. Hahahaha. OMG. Will do. Luckily the neighbor right next to them is new too. The one with the dog. They didn't get much time to bond with the previous neighbors. So even they were probably like ~ what the hell. But maybe they had some agreement with those people.

    Mostly when the new neighbor moved in I wanted them be acclimated to the idea that shrub needs to be trimmed. So I kinda want them to notice I just don't want to get busted. Because I still have a big pile of it in my yard. If they just look through the fence they can see it. But I don't have anywhere to put it. That hedge takes full month of green barel days.