Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Your echo chamber just ran into my wood chipper.

I've been trying to not talk to people very much lately because California sort of thinks as one monolithic being. And I'm not their team. I voted for Trump.

So you can imagine when the small talk turns to what Trump is doing with healthcare all of a sudden the music stops and my eyes narrow. Because I've just about had it up to here with people trying to tell me that poor people are going to die. I have family in public housing right this very minute. The government actually treats them very well. Which is maybe why I can't get them out of there.

Everyone in my family except for me has danced with public assistance. I think I know a little more than people who are decidedly rich know about what happens to poor people.

So, In January my Aunt pops up with really early stage breast cancer. It's sort of something that runs in my family. My mom had two radical mastectomies. Since my Aunts was caught super early she can just have the breast removed and no chemo apparently. But a couple of days ago she tells me - I think I'm going to get an implant. I was sort of surprised because she's sort of at an age where I didn't think that was as important.  But my family has been through this before I know how phycological this is. Even if you are well past your sexual prime. But also because.... wow insurance. That is not like the bare minimum at all. And she's in public housing!

I mean, they've always covered reconstruction to a degree. My mom had her stomach muscle pulled up to form a breast. But as far as I can see, my Aunt is getting the same care anyone else would. And it's not like Obamacare is the reason. My mom was dirt poor when she got breast cancer,  and it did not bankrupt her.

The thing is..... I don't even think these people really care about poor people. They are just afraid of losing their handouts and are using that as an excuse. And it's really just effing irritating. They are using poor people as a props.

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