Saturday, June 24, 2017

It's all I got.

Today we hung around the house because we needed to fix a couple of things. The door handle on Mr S.'s car had broken. A couple of years ago the passenger side broke, so at least we already had a little experience.

You unscrew a half a dozen screws and pop off the door panel.

This is how it looks with the handle removed.

Pontiac made a repair like this super easy, so you pretty much spend more time fishing out screws that you dropped behind the plastic with magnets.

Pop the panel back on.

This is the new handle.

Then we replaced a ceiling fan. The end.


  1. Purchase a cheap magnetic screwdriver.

  2. What I really needed was a magnetic socket wrench. I don't know if they make those.

  3. Harbor Fright has socket extensions with magnets in them. Magnet post extends into the socket to touch the fastener. I think they may still have the socket inserts for different size sockets. Little kit with soft plastic buttons with a magnet in the center.