Friday, June 30, 2017

Waze has pissed off almost every city in the Bay Area.

"A Los Gatos resident who is fed up with cut-through beach traffic has started a petition that she plans to personally deliver to Waze and Google Maps officials, telling them they’re “ruining” the quality of life in Los Gatos. 

Real pleasant change in Los Gatos’ since freeway ramp closure Debbie Moessinger, a Filmer Avenue resident, launched the petition and spoke about gridlock on the east side of Los Gatos at the June 20 town council meeting. Moessinger estimated that portions of a 15-block area of streets, including Vista Del Campo, Harding and Gem avenues, and Kennedy and Shannon roads, were gridlocked from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on June 17. 

“We were unable to get out of our driveways, to get into our driveways,” Moessinger said. “There were frustrated drivers weaving in and out of traffic. I witnessed many extreme safety issues with drivers.” Source.

I noticed this phenomenon over the winter when one of the major arteries to the East Bay was closed due to the flooding. Waze would route you through neighborhoods and it really was sort of madness. If you previously had a quiet neighborhood and you walked out to that traffic you would be lit.

It's so bad that some cities have forced Caltrans to make signs prohibiting people from driving down certain streets during certain times of the day. There are places in Los Gatos right now that you aren't allowed to drive down unless you live there. Which I don't really agree with. We all are forced to pay for these streets? Right? That's why they are public. If you want to live on a private road - move.

Yet if you can't get out of your driveway..... that super sucks. We used to stop in Los Gatos for breakfast whenever we'd go to the beach. That is a complete nightmare now. I can't really blame them when it takes 45 minutes to get through town for a city that is as small as Los Gatos.

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