Tuesday, June 20, 2017

~This~ is what the kids are into these days?

Hyper-realistic WWE 2K17 features 28 minutes of talk before gameplay begins.

"In what promises to be “the most realistic WWE simulation to date,” the forthcoming WWE 2k17 game will force players to sit through long periods of bickering and name-calling before they can press a single button.

“You’ll feel like you’re playing an actual episode of Raw!” promises a press release issued today by game developer Yuke’s. “We promise you’ll finish at least two beers before you can even throw a punch.

According to the press release, every session of gameplay will begin with a member of the McMahon family sauntering, swaggering or strutting to the ring, antagonizing and/or pandering to the crowd, and spending the following 11 minutes recapping recent events.

McMahon will then be interrupted by a wrestler, whose own tirade will be interrupted by another wrestler, and so on, until at least a dozen wrestlers are in the ring and nearly half an hour has elapsed.

Finally, gamers will hear McMahon say: “And that match starts… right now!”

Then, following one minute of gameplay, the game will be interrupted by a two-minute commercial break."

I normally don't snarf someones entire article - but what the hell is this shit? This trend makes me want to start punching at the sky! I wonder if this is AFTER the game has downloaded every single update in the world. WTF!

Seriously - it's such a bummer to buy a new game and have to wait 30 minutes before you can even play. I guess they only make games for people without jobs now. For the record, wrestling games are not on my play list, it's just that every game does this now and it's irritating to the max.


  1. I agree, the video gane industry has been broken for a while. If I want cinematic gaming, I'll buy a title that is built that way. Wrestling should be all about gameplay. At the min. They should always let you akip the cut scenes. I think they stuff them in there to make the game seem longer instead of developing interactive levels. My favorites are the basic ones with high replayability. The game companies dont creat many replayable ones because its bad for repeat business. DF

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They even force you to sit through the cut scenes if you die on a level. Sometimes the cut scenes take longer than it takes to get killed.

    I actually don't think they are doing it for financial reasons. Because even if a game was simple they could create sequels if the game was really popular. And OMG do they love sequels. All the hardness of finding out what you like is solved. They will just do more of that.

    I think they do it because they are pushing the boundaries of graphics right now, and they think the realism is more important than gameplay. I mean, the uncanny valley I think is pretty much gone. And they don't have solid story lines like you said. Making a good game is really difficult. But they could at least make the not great games less annoying.