Friday, June 16, 2017

Oh My.

It's gonna be interesting to see how the grid holds up. Usually the whole entire State doesn't get hit with 100+ degree temps. They said we would only get 5 days of above 100, but Modesto said they were going to get 9 days.

I guess I should start thinking about my bug out plan for Lacy. Bunnies can't handle that kind of heat because they can't pant. If we lose power...... that is a huge problem. It doesn't happen every year. But it does happen reasonably often.

Start freezing water bottles for your fridges Californians.


  1. Yawn! It's soooo hooootttt!!!! Stop complaining!

    (sorry about the rabbit pet though)


  2. I'm pretty sure that is all this blog is about. So......

  3. Good thinking on the frozen h20 bottles, I use ones with hot water during winter and the hounds love them, I have puppies right now and have been worried about what might happen seeing how we're predicted to hit 107. Pretty miserable to say the least. I liked the storms better. Df

  4. uh-oh You know things are serious when you don't think I'm hyping the weather. ;)

    My last house in this town didn't have AC, and we went though quite a few 108 days. For the bunnies we would buy a solid block ice from the supermarket. Put it in a plastic tub and place a fan behind it so the cold air blew on the bunnies. I can understand how nervous you might with babies.

    Just a friendly note though. If you use the frozen water bottles for the puppies lay against, the plastic is super thin these days. If they get chewed on all you will just have a leaky mess.