Thursday, June 22, 2017

This tard couldn't even give away money right.

A $15,000 basic income lottery promised free money for a year — then the checks stopped coming.

This asshole Cameron Ottens crowd funded the entire amount (a little over 15 grand) for this experiment for one individual for one year, and he couldn't even handle it. All he had to do was make one payment every month for a year. With money that wasn't even his own. Ya paying your mortgage. Instead he turned out to be the phony that all these people are. Yes, the internet should remember him that way because he gave an elderly man false hope, and generally for being an idiot. I wish this failure would deter some of these socialist cretins. But it won't.

"Ed's first check arrived six months after the lottery was held, in December 2016. The next three checks arrived on time, this time from Ottens' personal bank account. The fifth showed up two months later, in late May. A sixth check, sent in June, bounced, leaving seven checks outstanding. The total amount missing: $8,750.

I wish these funding sites would report on how many people get ripped off. Even on that hanky lending site Prosper you could see how many people were paid back. Which wasn't great to be honest. Even if you are throwing your money away - you want it to land in the spot you intended.  Right? Why didn't those people just adopt an old person and just start sending them money. Oh that's right.... because people are phonies.

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