Friday, April 30, 2010

Nothing says I love you - like an IOU.

Update - I guess I just realized it is Friday. No money comes in on the weekends. So that is our budget shortfall. 3.2 billion.

I mean, since I haven't gotten my tax refund- I'm guessing they haven't processed them all yet.

It looks like we need to find a little over 3 billion - today - to meet the 10.2 billion budget target. Tax receipts really fell off there on the 29th.

Who is going to be our sugar daddy? Hmmmm? See previous post here.

I'm sure it means nothing.

We absolutely need a complete churn of government. Starting with the, I can't keep my mouth shut the remaining few months, Aaaarnold.

Oh, I'd run for President if I could. Then I could just hang around at car shows all over the county and do nothing.

I'm still calling Parkinson's on him. Do you see how his head shakes? He's got some kind of tremor going on there. I'm convinced he's not all right in the head. A lot of times he's got that ill Regan stare. Not being mean. I'd just bet money eventually he will reveal one of those neurological disorders.

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